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I eventually moved and had to quit. They gave me a big smiley hug. I must say now that I could have fainted!!!

What the!???? These guys did not know how to compliment people. They were emotionless during the work day. But apparently did not know how to show their staff appreciation. Kinda strange. But all that time they liked me and I was unaware. I do agree the dentist I worked for were all anal and controlling. That type of pickness drove me to leave the field after 14 years.

I worked for one dentist that marked a small x on the wall as a guide for the patients chair. Most of the ones I worked for had a great chairside manner with patients, but boy when they left the room after a procedure didn't go as plan, the norm was hurl an instrument into the lab sink, slam something, or dispaly sometiype of physchotic, out of control temperament. The employment turner over in this field is really extremely high.

I know lots of crazy stories out there. I have thousands more Right now the doctor is nice to me. When he starts drilling into teeth that are not scheduled or planned he always looks up to me- as for approval I give him the evil eye "stare down" , he laughs and we keep on working. Kind of a silly thing we got going. I hear and understand your feelings and thoughts about dental assisting.

Dental Assisting is my job and I feel so blessed to be in the position that I am in. However there are days that I feel less important and also second guess who and why I am here doing what I am doing. I teach about 32 lectures a year and I am no better than you and feel the same as you. There are going to be dentist that come into your life that are good and bad, same as patients good and bad. Some dentist care more and some could care less.

It's about the dentistry and that is what I have to tell myself everyday. I am here for them, not him. I am blessed and know that, but I also pray everyday for guidence and strength to sometimes make it through the day. I see things I wish and know I would do different, preps, impression, just the way patients are treated, but I can't change that. I can only change myself and who I am.


You can only change yourself and you who are. You can make a difference and I know you have based on these letter. There are times when you must say goodbye and move on to find the dentist that complete's you. I have something to share: Here goes! How to work in any environment 1. Don't expect to be appreciated.

Your only expectation should be a paycheck. Don't come to work to have personal relationships. Don't allow what you do to effect who you are 2. DO your job well, but remember your mission. God put you there to be a light. Seek opportunities to change the atmosphere without commenting on the problems. You have a God to talk to. You are on a assignment. Quiteness and competence shall be your strength. Don't let your environment get inside you. You should influence it, not let it influence you.

Stop going to work to be fed. You didn't come to receive you came to give. Increase your capacity to work with different personalities. God will often bless you through people you don't even like. Remember, where you are does not define where you are going. THis will deliver you from frustration. God has a plan for your life. Keep your eye on the prize. When Pete did this he was able to walk in what other people sank. Get the optimum results with minimal confusion. Be effective without making the environment worse. Don't be associated with the one group or clique.


Labels limit your usefulness. GOd wants you to work with everybody, but be labeled by nobody. Use all your gifts. Always keep your song near you. Keep a consecrated place in your soul. Hold on to your praise. Understand that God anoints you for trouble. Put on the whole armor of God before going to work. I want to be here for you at anytime and would love to keep in touch! Take Care, Shannon. Most dental office are controlled work environments. The dentist pratically sets the tone each day. Diffrent dentists no matter the gender are easily agitated. Most of them display the same chaotic explosive temperament no matter what U.

Knowledge from seasoned 14 year dental assistant Stella in Anonymous Proxy. Im from South Africa. Used to love my job until i got to work for a guy-very selfcentered,rude and show no respect to his workers! How sad? Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. I agree with most of you. Dental assisting is a dirty job right there.

I have seen these ads for these trade schools on TV about how you can train to be a dental assistant , and they don't tell you the other side of being one. One of them asks why they chose dental assisting, and the responses were "Becasue I love helping people", and "I love making people smile". They don't tell you that you have to look in peoples' mouths, be on your feet a lot, assist the dentist with a patient, sterilize the equipment, and so forth. They need to stop glamorizing the medical field and tell it like it is.

I could never be a dental assistant. I don't want to look inside peoples' mouths.

I HATE DENTAL ASSISTING - Dental Assistant Jobs |

You don't know what kind of germs they have. Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania said: I agree with most of you. I was slightly amused while reading this. People going into this career thinking they are going to avoid that aren't very bright. Yes, you have to be on your feet a lot. Yes, you have to assist the dentist and sometimes a hygienist. Yes, you have to sterilize instruments. Yes, sometimes you have to do a little 'dirty' work. Dental assisting isn't a show up to work and make easy money type of job. My major complaint with it is that DAs are not compensated enough a lot of the time for what they do.

And there are strict standards in place to protect you from other people's germs, of course. Research thoroughly before choosing this career field, it's definitely not for everyone. Yeah its all true! Hard work,on your feet alot and don't forget the mental stress that goes with it all. I think thats the worst! Shannonlpace in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have a website just for team. Please feel free to go there to view our publication on products and materials.

We will soon have a message board too! I have been in a field for 5 years as DA. My first dentist , that I worked for 4 years was actually nice and respectfull, until new hygienist was hired and she was total B I left, because I wasnt going to let her control me and treat me like I have to do everything for her the laziest and most manipulative person ever. My second job, actualy made me almost quit the dental field. I totaly understand everybody's feelings and emotions. I only lasted 10 months, Dr was the most disrespectful and arogant pig.

I understand that they are under a lot of stress and I know what dental assisting involves, ut nobody deserves to be treated the way most of the Doctors are. I was always trying to do the extra step to make sure that everything runs smooth, but it just doesnt matter. No matter what u do, u r the one at fault and feeling degraded most of the time. They dont care about us. I used to love being DA,the interaction with patients, the procedures, the days goes fast. I just finally finished prerequisites and gor accepted to dental hygiene school. Hoping I will gain more respect and find the right practice with great Dr.

I still love dental field but I dont want to be DA anymore. Although I do believe there have to be Drs who will treat DA as adult persons,with respect and appreciation for hard work. I am wishing all of u a lot of luck. Carin in Houston, Texas. I am switching to hygiene asap. I would not rec. This area has 5 schools putting out assistants alone They might be good at what they do, but are not able to be good at dentistry, good with patients, good with employees and just humble at the end of the day. I've known more assistans that have health issues that are related to the doctors they have worked for I love what I do, I love working with patients and meeting such a wide variety of people I also agree with the other stressor in the office are the hygienist.

I have known some great ones and they are good friends. I have also worked with some of the most idiotic people in my life, and wonder how they got thru school! Is there a reason why.. The dental office should not be split into 3 different areas and all against each other.

From reading these forums, persue your degree in the U. Since you've obtain your dental education in India, the American dentist will most likely respect you as a peer, if you worked as an assistant or hygienist. First of all, trying to be a dental assistant is hopeless. The Skeptical Community Critical thinking is for everyone! Skip to content. Quick links. Dentists and Dental Hygienists This is our lounge area. Feel free to come in and get acquainted! I've been to several different dentists throughout my life, and the system has been the same in every one.

The dental hygienist is always a woman who does all the dirty work. After she's finished, the dentist comes in, always smiling and happy, inspects my mouth while the dental hygienist stands there with gritted teeth as this jovial fella criticizes her work for the billionth time. Looks like we missed a spot here scrape-scrape.

There we go, perfect. I would like to mention that Dr. Arne's assistance for our case was excellent. He patiently answered our 1 million questions regarding the extraction procedure and he also provided a lot of flexibility on his schedule for our case. I highly recommend Dr Arne, particularly if you are a "scary cat" like my son calls me and if you are wanting to receive great professional service.

I had three implants carried out at Westcoast. The staff are highly trained and highly capable and the work was first class. Having titanium implants is a highly invasive process but Dr Andrew, the senior dental expert periodontist?

Dirty Work: Drilled by the Dentist

Crowns were expertly fitted to my implants by Dr Thuy An three months later and now after nearly four years i have had no trouble and my teeth are the best they have been in many years. I now have six monthly checkups, clean and scale, but I have not needed any further dental work over the last four years. I can confidently recommend this highly professional practice. The fees are very reasonable for such high quality work. Excellent service. Clean professional. Good price. The dentist seemed as knowledgeable, if not more, than my primary dentist in the USA.

The dentist was unusually thorough, explained everything clearly, was easy to talk to and was present for the entire appointment. I was expecting to pay a premium but the cost was surprisingly inexpensive. Feel much more confident with my smile. Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges. I am very happy with the results. Dr Trang my dentist worked out my dental plan.

She explained the procedure to me. Her work was very meticulous and thorough and made me feel very relaxed through out all my procedures. Her dental nurses were very kind and thoughtful. I would recommend this Clinic to all my friends. I found it to be great value for the amount of work that I had done. I chose this clinic because of recommendation from my brother. So glad I did. It is one of the most modern and cleanest Dental Clinics. Haven seen one in Australia to compare with it. Made me feel very confident that I had chosen this clinic. The receptionists always greeted me with warm welcomes and happy smiles.

The whole experience was very professional. Thank you to all involved. Published on WhatClinic. Dear Everyone at Westcoast International! From the initial inquiry through to examination and the thorough explanation of my treatment plan, and the procedures, I experienced efficiency, kindness and professionalism of the highest degree, all the way from the reception staff, to my fabulous dentist and her nurse, the hygienist and her nurse.

With acute sensitivity, dental treatment is not something I enjoy, but I can say with all honesty, that I look forward to returning for future treatment, and will highly recommend Westcoast International Dentist Clinic to friends and family. This clinic is very professional. Dental Crowns. I ended up getting a root canal unexpectedly.

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Today, a new crown was placed and everything went very smooth. No pain, no root canal. Thanks Dr Dan! Amazing experience first dental visit for my 3 years old. Kids Dental Care. Doctor Juan Suarez very patient to toddler, my kids love it so much. He do the work perfectly. My daughter have cavity and doctor Juan help to fix it, during the procedure my Lil daughter fall a sleep lol The staff very helpful and nice. Love this place. I wouldn't usually write a review. The advice he gave was fantastic and the actual clean itself was just incredible.

I honestly could not recommend this guy enough and I hope he doesn't leave town as long as I am here! Andrew and his team offer world-class service. Andrew and his team offer world-class service and work around your schedule, no matter how tight. That noise! That vibration! And you can forget about any other kind of dentistry-related power tools. I'm a big fan of "sleep dentistry", or IV sedation, which Westcoast offers -- an anaesthesiologist puts you under before the instruments are even produced and then monitors you during the course of your treatment.

I had IV sedation at Westcoast a couple of years back when I had my wisdom teeth out prior to undergoing Invisalign treatment. It's the best You sleep through the whole thing, and when you wake up, everything is done! After diagnostics CT scan, Xrays and two consultations Dr.

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Andrew and his team recommended that I didn't have the RCT as my symptoms didn't warrant it. But, seeing as I was here, I figured I would seize the opportunity to get a few other things taken care of. Andrew and I decided that we go ahead with placing a Straumann implant in the gap, and do a cleaning and whitening at the same time under IV whitening can sometimes be a little uncomfortable.