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But no. Too bad. That said, I enjoyed most of the story and would probably read more books featuring Dan Riley. I hope though, that the cop gets over his obsession with Rachel's death and develops better detective radar. Thanks to Netgalley, the author Anna-Lou Weatherley , and the publisher Bookouture for a copy of the book. View all 7 comments. Jan 05, Mandy White rated it it was amazing Shelves: net-galley. A new male detective series!

Seems ages since I read one that wasn't a female. Detective Dan Riley is called to the scene of a suspected suicide at a top London hotel. It is not long before it becomes obvious that the victim was murdered. Dan and his team work to piece the clues together to try to stop this killer before they strike again. I really enjoyed this book. The main character Detective Dan Riley is likeable and vulnerable. He is still in mourning 2 years after he lost the love of his li A new male detective series! He is still in mourning 2 years after he lost the love of his life.

He is sensitive to the victims families feelings and a dedicated cop. I can't wait to read more in this series. Thanks o Bookotoure via NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book to read in exchange for my honest opinions Feb 28, Sue rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-thrillers , bought-copy , book-1 , crime-mystery , kindle-paperwhite , bookouture. This was my first book by Anna-Lou Weatherley…and I was not disappointed! This book will clutch you right from the beginning until the last page. The 2 books in the series include: Black Heart Book 1 The Couple On Cedar Close Book 2 Detective Dan Riley is still coming to terms with the death of his girlfriend and unborn baby in a car accident two years ago, and totally immerses himself into his work investigating cases.

The 19th century book that spawned the opioid crisis

After further investigation, Dan discovers links between the victim and a woman calling herself Goldilocks on an online dating site. This well-written fast-paced thriller is told through two points of view- Detective Dan Riley and the female serial killer. Black Heart is an exciting start to what looks to be a promising gripping crime series! On to book 2 now. View all 27 comments. Dec 18, Monnie rated it really liked it. Getting in at the beginning of a new series always makes me happy and yes, optimistic. And when it turns out that it's a winner in my book pun intended , I'm ecstatic.

For openers, he's an intriguing character. Two years before the book begins, his much-loved girlfriend and their unborn baby are killed in a car-motorcycle accident. He's back at work and functioning fairly well, althou 4. He's back at work and functioning fairly well, although it's clear he's not even close to coming to terms with her loss truthfully, he wallows in his grief a little more often than I'd have liked.

But he's making progress, and when a man is found dead in the bathtub of a posh hotel room with his wrists cut, Dan goes in for a closer look and determines that the manner of death probably isn't suicide. When the subsequent pathology reports bear out his suspicion, Dan finds himself in the throes of a murder investigation. Early clues, including a note signed "Daddy Bear" and a relatively expensive stuffed teddy bear suggest a sex-for-hire gone horribly wrong, but something makes Dan's nose start to twitch and think something even more evil may be at play.

When another body is discovered - with the same M. So, the race is on to keep that from happening. Chapters switch from Dan's perspective to that of the killer readers learn the identity of the woman, who's known by multiple names including - surprise! What she's doing is clear from the start; why she's doing it - and whether she'll be caught before she can add her intended finish to the fairy tale - help build suspense and tension right up to the end.

Overall, though, this is a very enjoyable, fast-paced book, and I applaud the author for creating an intriguing character who shows much promise for many more to come. For the opportunity to read an advance copy in exchange for an honest review, I heartily thank the publisher via NetGalley. View 2 comments. Dec 06, Denise added it. It paralyses you, governs your every waking moment and thought. It conditions you. And I lived in fear. It becomes immediately apparent that this was only made to look like a suicide. Something more sinister is going on here.

As he and his team investigate and find ties to "Goldilocks" and "Daddy Bear", th "Fear is the most debilitating of all the emotions. As he and his team investigate and find ties to "Goldilocks" and "Daddy Bear", they are quite certain that another murder will soon take place as the killer completes the story. But what is the reason for The Three Bears theme and the deaths? You must get this immediately and read it to find out!

This was a very fast paced and extremely well written thriller with some interesting characters -- in fact, I can't wait for 2 so that I can get to know DI Riley better. I really empathized with him, but can we give the whole Rachel thing a rest now - it was a little much and he seems to be a good, decent man who likely will get his head back in the game shortly. The other members of his team aren't that known to us yet, but very curious about them as well.

I see a lot of potential for developing this series. I definitely recommend it as one of the best detective novels I've read lately. It was very hard to put down! SO, Anna-Lou Weatherley, a new author to me, where is your second book -- please don't make me beg or wait too long! Feb 07, Brenda - Traveling Sister rated it really liked it. Black Heart is a fast-paced, engaging, interesting and original dark story. At first, we were a little unsure about how we felt about this one and at times the story made us feel a little uncomfortable when some dark clouds closed in on us.

Instead of running for cover in our Coulee we continued on and were rewarded with a very well layered complex story here. Anna-Lou Weatherley does a really good job creating such a likable and caring main character here with Detective Dan Riley. After reading a few female leads we enjoyed our lead here being a male detective. Dan is cynical, yet kind-hearted and struggles with his own personal demons. Anna-Lou Weatherley also does a fantastic job drawing us into the mind of Goldilocks, allowing us to be quite surprised with how we felt about this character. We found the story to be thought-provoking and that inspired a very interesting discussion between us.

In the end, we were left amazed at how we felt towards Goldilocks and our psychopath to this story and were left thinking now that was just brilliant. We are left wanting more from Detective Dan and we look forward to book two. We highly recommend but with caution. View all 6 comments.


Dec 17, Kavita Kumar-Karthik rated it liked it. Before I begin I would like to state that I really wanted to like this book more, simply because it's been a long time I've not read a female serial killer plot. The book began well, and we got a pretty good viewing of the murder in progress and how psychotic the killer actually is. The murder was pretty gruesome, although she took efforts for the man to not feel the pain while life ebbed out of him. When she left the Teddy Bear in his hotel room, I was intrigued. I thought we had a 3. I thought we had a good premise for an amazing plot.

Then, we saw that the killer was a frequent visitor on online dating sites, which made me think maybe the killer was dishing out revenge to the cheaters and she is going to give Dan a run for his money. I was let down when she chose her next victim, who could be easily linked to her. A smart girl, our killer wasn't!! She was least calculative and not at all ruthless, if you know what I mean, when it comes to serial killers. In fact, sometimes, I felt just because she was planning to kill 3, as a part of a story, did not make her a serial killer.

She lacked the calculative, mean and smart streak most serial killers have. Our killer had a very disturbing childhood, and she has gone cra-cra. That's the best I could come up with. And our boy, Dan Riley, was altogether a let down. The book had a lot about his personal life and less of investigation. In fact, they were able to identify the killer only when she made a stupid stupid amateur mistake. Like I said, the investigation was a let down, hardly any sleuthing. What also pissed me off, was the lack of cop instincts in Dan. The last thing which totally turned me off was the killer's motive behind following "Goldilocks and the Three bears" in her kills.

Normally, in serial killers, we see the killers trying to take revenge on someone from their past. There is a definite trend or logic, and this story seemed most illogical to me. The only explanation I could come up with is, that she just lost her mind and wanted to self-destruct. Now, I am a super-obsessed fan of the 'In Death' series by JD Robb, which kind of sets the benchmark for serial killer plots for me, so consider me biased. And this plot, was a far far cry from what it could have been.

Blythe Baird - "Relapse"

You see what I did there?? Not funny?? Jan 22, Marialyce rated it really liked it Shelves: net-galley. One would imagine that working in law enforcement can make a person immune to how awful humanity can sometimes be. You would imagine that every horrible crime you see hits up against your store of empathy, making you become hardened to the world and the work you do. In the first of a new series, we are introduced to Detective Dan Riley, a man who two years ago through a drunk driving incident, had lost his girlfriend and their unborn child.

Dan tries hard to forget but the love he had for this wo One would imagine that working in law enforcement can make a person immune to how awful humanity can sometimes be. Dan tries hard to forget but the love he had for this woman was all encompassing and he is left adrift in a sea of emotions. However, Dan is a cop and emotions are something of a luxury to what a policeman does. There has been a death of a middle aged man in a hotel room. It is later discovered that it was a murder due to poisoning and wrists being slashed. Dan discovers links to a person named Goldilocks and the hunt is on.

Is this person acting out of revenge or is there something else going on? Recalling the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, which the murderer seems to be emulating, Dan knows there will be other deaths. Before long he is right as another body, that of a woman turns up. Now all that is left is the baby bear in this macabre retelling of the story. Will Dan be able to find Goldilocks? Does he realize how close he is to the murderer? I so liked the character Dan Riley that Ms Weatherley has created. He was complex but filled with empathy showing just how much he cared for those left after a crime was committed.

He was not a hardened policeman, but one that seemed to be involved in the suffering of those that were left behind. He recalled so much of his time with his girlfriend, so much so that he was able to share the grief of those who loved the victims. I am glad that the author has decided that Dan will be back in the next book of the series. Thank you to the author, the publisher and netgalley for an advanced copy of this book. I am hoping that the next one will be as addictive as this book was. Dec 23, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. Serial killers are something I have always been fascinated by.

So I was very intrigued to workout what made her tick. Dan I was instantly drawn to. He is troubled as a lot of these crime fiction detectives seem to be yet he is still very likeable. Even though he is trying Serial killers are something I have always been fascinated by. His dead girlfriend never seems to be far from his thoughts. I think because we tend not to see many female serial killers, she really stood out to me and I just found her fascinating.

What she is doing is very wrong yet as a reader it thrilled me as well as chilling me to the very core. Black Heart is a thrilling start to what looks set to be a criminally good crime series! A chilling case that had me pounding through the pages. My thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for an advanced readers copy of this book. All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway. Apr 22, Karima chermiti rated it really liked it Shelves: , detective-stories.

It was a decent start to a new detective series but it was somehow lacking in something but i'm really curious where the second book will take us. I find it that I still remember everything that took place in details which is kind of surprising. When I was reading the book It was a decent start to a new detective series but it was somehow lacking in something but i'm really curious where the second book will take us.

Fast forward to this day and here I am proven completely wrong. Do we ever really know anyone?

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In black heart, the story unfolds from the perspective of two characters : The detective and the serial killer. I was feeling the two characters coming closer to each other with every passing chapter and I Feared for the outcome of that which added a layer of tension and suspense. Fear is the most debilitating of all the emotions. Lived with it every moment from the day I was born. Black heart managed also to flip the genre on its head in a very engaging and original way, at least in my opinion. Manhattan Institute. Retrieved 31 December The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 5 May Archived from the original on 7 May Encounter Books.

Our Culture, What's Left of It. Ivan R. Archived from the original on 3 August Retrieved 17 June The Globe and Mail. Retrieved 18 September City Journal. Retrieved 5 January Less than the Jeremiahs allow".

The Complete Artie Lange Addiction Saga

The Sunday Telegraph. Retrieved 23 October The New York Times. Retrieved 18 August The Worldview that makes the Underclass passim. Retrieved 12 August The Necessity of Preconceived Ideas , p. In that piece Dalrymple wrote: "However secular the tastes of the young Muslim men, they strongly wish to maintain the male dominance they have inherited from their parents". New Statesman. Archived from the original on 23 June What an apocalypse of the world within me! Over the next eight years, De Quincey used opium to heighten his enjoyment of books, music, solitude and urban wandering.

In effect, he invented recreational drug taking. Yet all the while opium was tightening its grip on him, and in he succumbed to an addiction that tormented him until his death in , more than half a century after he had first tampered with the drug. Not De Quincey. I have conducted research into the life and writings of Thomas De Quincey for 30 years, and my work on him includes a biography, The English Opium-Eater , and a critical edition of his Confessions of an English Opium-Eater and Other Writings.

My understanding of his opium addiction has benefited greatly from my consultations with Prof. Opium is probably the oldest drug known to humankind. It is derived from the unripe seedpod of the poppy plant, Papaver somniferum. For thousands of year, opium was the principal analgesic known to medicine. In early 19th-century Britain, opium was everywhere. People of every age and class used it for self-medication like we use aspirin today. It was legal. It was cheap. It was used to treat all manner of major and minor illness, from cancer and diabetes to travelling sickness, hay fever, headache and depression.

Pharmacists sold it, as did grocers, bakers, tailors, market vendors and country peddlers. There were no efforts to regulate its sale until the Pharmacy Act of Morphine, the principal active agent in opium, was isolated in and delivered with a hypodermic syringe by the s. At the beginning of the 20th century, opium was better known in the form of one of its chief derivatives: Heroin. Today, opioids are sold in powerful prescription medications, including tramadol, methadone and oxycodone.

They are also, of course, widely available in illegal forms such as heroin, or in illicit forms of legal drugs — like fentanyl, a synthetic opioid. Fuelled by decades of over-prescription, the United States gets 30 times more opioid medication than it needs, and opioid overdoses kill more than people daily. Meanwhile, in other countries, patients are forced to endure severe or chronic pain because there is a shortage of the drug.