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This is what Candy Crush Saga does to your brain | Dana Smith | Science | The Guardian

We got to choose 5 pieces of candy to eat, then the rest was left next to our bed at night. We let our kiddos eat as much as they want that night, and that night only. The one night of all-you-can eat candy seems indulgent — and it is! I think because we let them have control over how much they eat, they pay attention to how they feel rather than if they can sneak more candy without mom and dad noticing.

Plus, the whole family is mostly made up of salt-cravers. Potato chips never last long, but candy always ends up getting thrown away a year later! Then each day during December it was our countdown chain until Christmas. It was fabulous and we do it every year now! The rest I will distribute as dessert after dinner until they forget about the stash up in the kitchen cabinet :.

We tax our kids. I figure I make the costumes, purchase the candy we hand out at things like trunk-r-treat, take them trick or treating, so they can pay us a little in return. Half of that percentage they get to chose what they give the other half we get to chose. The Great Pumpkin takes ours away Halloween night. Each kids picks out what they want from their stash, a number equal to how old they are, and the rest gets left out for the Great Pumpkin who brings them a present in return.

Twizzlers + Pinot Noir

When my kids get home with their loot I let them eat to their hearts content for the first 24 hours. We do a good brushing, flossing, and fluoride rinse and we call it good. We live at a boarding school so some of the candy goes to the 16 hungry teenage boys on our floor! But my son gets to eat what he wants within reason the first few days. And after that he lost interest in eating it. I know different kids have different levels of sweet tooth. For us, the focus at Halloween is really on carving the pumpkins, the making of the costumes, and being out in the dark and spooky atmosphere of our village.

BTW, I loved the tips on your latest video!

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My mom would have us come home and dump our all our candy on the floor and separate it into piles — gum or lollipops with gum , hard candy, chewy fruit candies Starburts, skittles, etc. The yucky candy was handed out to the older trick or treaters who came late at night. The gum was for dad he had a long commute and gum helped keep him awake during the drive. We could eat 10 pieces of candy that night and the rest was put into bins above the fridge and we could have two pieces in our lunches each day until it was gone.

So our lunch time treats never lasted longer than a week. I plan to bring it to our local pediatric dentists who is participating in Halloween Candy Buy Back Program.

Welcome to Candy Mountain Fudge!

These are great tips!! I especially love the idea of using them for Thanksgiving and Christmas projects. These are great ideas! I never really cared how much my kids ate until it started getting tracked all over my house. When I started finding suckers stuck to the carpet in my kids bedrooms and sat-on chocolate on the couch then it became critical to get it all out of my house!

We started a candy exchange. I let them eat all they want for 24 hours strictly in Kitchen! I keep some for stocking stuffers and a few for random treats in their lunches. Then I price them accordingly. My kids are given it alllll the time it seems. A few years ago we suggested they donate to the soldiers overseas and they were so excited to do that. We wanted to reward them for their choice so now each year we take them -and any friends who want to donate- out for a bowling party! It has turned into a great tradition that we really look forward to….

Great ideas! Love these comments too. I have no system, now I just need to use one of these ideas…. We did a candy auction similar to your upgrade idea. Our girls had so much fun bidding on things mom cleans your bedroom, choice of dinner, get a soda with Dad, wear mascara to school, control of the remote for a day, etc. I then took the candy and put it in the freezer to pull out for movie nights, school lunches and long drives. They can pig out the first night, and I tend to put a piece in their lunch boxes for the next week or two, but after that they tend to lose interest.

We set aside enough candy for the kids to have a small after school treat for about a week after halloween. The rest gets donated to the candy drive at school. It all goes to a local dentist who pays each class a per lb. His motivation — cavity prevention and a good deed. Each class decides how to spend their money. Many of them choose to donate it to the parish food pantry or soup kitchen. We save all the hard candies, skittles, starbursts, dots, ect….. My daughter loves to go through it and think of how to use each piece.

This works great for us since all the candy is still hers and builds anticipation for the gingerbread house. I keep thinking about this post and wondering why having a plan has never seemed nessicary, then I had a realization. We always have a party on halloween with my family where we play games, show off costumes, eat yummy soup and then hit up a very distinct dozen houses. And when I really think about it, the party is much more fun and memorable than trick or treating. I am easily swayed to double the donation, too. When the Girls get home before they start eating at the candy we will sit down make up a 4 or 5 candy bouquet.

They really enjoy doing this and the elderly just love it. We use the extra to make care packages for missionaries or others that we know that are living abroad.

YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2013

Speaking from experience, there is nothing sweeter than receiving some American candy at just the right time. My parents set a timer every night for a week or so after Halloween and we could eat asych as we wanted in that time.

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I would guess it was less than 5 minutes but it felt like a long time and was very exciting. Six secrets for dealing with all that candy. How do you define a "big" family? And did you ever consider having one? DNA tests are revealing unknown siblings, long hidden affairs, and all sorts of family secrets.