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With their jewel hues and dazzling diversity of shapes and sizes, coral reefs are natural eye candy. The ocean has been a source of food for tens of thousands of years. Today, fisheries are an important source of protein for billions of people. When links in the food chain are broken anywhere, the system is weakened everywhere. Fisheries support more than million jobs — 50 million of which are small-scale or subsistence in places where other work could be very hard to find.

Roughly half the world's population lives within kilometres of the sea, and three-quarters of all large cities are located on the coast. But damage done to reefs and mangroves in the name of development puts those communities and cities at risk. People destroy fragile marine habitats in multiple ways, from small scale to large.

The story of the ocean is a tragedy of the commons. Individuals — whether people, companies or nations — have put their own interests above those of their neighbour. Strong governance at all levels, from local tradition to international treaty, is needed urgently. As the atmosphere has warmed, so has the ocean. This can affect the way nutrients move through the water, disrupt weather patterns and increase storm intensity.

Yet the opposite seems to be happening. Faced with the collapse of high-value fisheries, the industry is moving down the food chain and into more remote areas.

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Poor policies and perverse subsidies support these destructive activities. Coastal areas are the most densely populated on Earth.

Coral Reefs

Whether for permanent residents or tourists, coastal development too often means destruction of mangroves, seagrass meadows and coral reefs. Ironically, the loss of this natural infrastructure makes coasts more vulnerable to erosion and storm damage, and diminishes what attracts people to these areas in the first place. If we restore the balance, the ocean can contribute to food security, livelihoods, a healthy climate and more.

The Mediterranean Sea is today one of the seas with the highest levels of plastic pollution in the world. Europe alone is the second largest plastics producer in the world after China.

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Annually, it dumps tonnes of macroplastics and microplastics in the sea. Large plastic pieces wound, strangle and often kill animals, including endangered species, such as sea turtles. But it is the microplastics that reach record levels in the Mediterranean Sea. By entering the food chain, these fragments threaten a greater number of animal species as well as human health.

WWF report proposes a series of recommendations for actions that institutions, businesses and individuals can take to create a plastic-free Mediterranean and significantly reduce plastic pollution in urban, coastal and marine environments. The Mediterranean is one of the most highly-valued seas in the world, with a vast set of biodiverse coastal and marine ecosystems that deliver enormous benefits for its inhabitants and the regional economy.

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It features unique natural seascapes that have contributed to making it a global favourite for tourists. However, its marine and coastal environment has been declining rapidly for decades due to intensive coastal development, poorly-planned tourism, unsustainable fishing practices and pollution. Kami bangga akan kesadaran merek berbasis komunitas yang dipandu oleh praktik mode yang bertanggung jawab, etis, berkelanjutan, dan sadar sosial. By The Sea.

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