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Heat a big pot of water until it reaches a bubbling boil, then toss hour jeans in, making sure they are fully submerged. Leave them boiling for 20 to 30 minutes, drain as much as possible, and then dry on high heat. This method is similar to the whole washer dryer one, but will cause more dramatic shrink. Wash your jeans using hot water — you can use a standard hot water cycle in your washing machine or you can boil the jeans in hot water.

Throw your jeans into the dryer and dry until they are damp but not soaked.

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For an extremely snug fit, wear your jeans in the hottest bath your body can tolerate. Boot controversy aside , A. We don't know if we can fully endorse this wave in public, but the fits are on point. A super-snug sweater is the perfect way to offset the inherent schlubbiness of relad-fit bottoms.

But Bottega Veneta showed there's hope for the return of the more easy-going fleece bottoms. Assuming everything else in the look screams high-class—in this case a peak-lapeled double-breasted blazer, a crewneck sweater in something other than navy or grey, and the always-refined neckerchief—you can pull this off even if you're not Italian. Carefully use sharp fabric scissors to cut it from the center rear of your jeans.

Set it aside and hang on to it. Draw the mid-mark.

Clothing hacks: 5 ways you can shrink your baggy, shapeless jeans

Draw a vertical line in the spot where the belt loop used to cover. Make the mark as straight as you can. Use a ruler or other straight edge if you like. Make a note of how much fabric you need to remove. Pinch the fabric together at the back of the waist. Use the chalk or pencil to mark the edges you've gathered on the waistband. At this point, your marks don't have to be straight. Make sure they're visible enough for you to see and long enough to complete the process after you've taken the jeans off. Take off the jeans and measure the width to be removed.

Unbutton or unzip them. Keep them inside-out. This will allow the outside to look professional after you're finished with the alterations. Measure half the width of the area to be removed from the mid-mark. Do the same on the other side. For example, if you need to remove 2 inches 5. Mark the wedge to be removed.

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Trace a wedge- triangle- shaped form starting at the top rear of the waistband. Its length should measure about 3 to 4 inches 7. Connect it to the marks on either side of the mid-mark. Rip out some stitches. This will be the area where the waistband meets the yoke the area just below the waistband. Rip only about 1 to 2 inches 2. This makes the sewing process run more smoothly. Cut the waistband. Place your scissors at the mid-mark and snip the entire band in half.

Rip the center seam. Use your seam ripper for this step. Carefully remove the center stitches from the waist to the bottom of the wedge. When you reach the bottom of the wedge, tie off the remaining threads to prevent any more unraveling. Pin the new seam.

Hold the ripped areas horizontally. Line up the wedge lines you made with the chalk. Use either safety pins or straight pins. Insert your pins horizontally so that you can easily remove them as you sew. As you pin, make sure the wedge lines and ripped edges continue to match up. Use the slowest setting on the machine, since you're working with a small area. Move the jeans from the crotch to the yoke. Remove the pins as you reach them. Fasten off the thread when you reach the yoke. Finish your new seam.

Use fabric scissors to cut any excess from the edges. Give yourself an allowance of at least 0. If you have a serger, secure the seam with that to prevent the denim from fraying. If you don't have a serger, use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. Look for asymmetry and secure the seam. Turn the seamed are right-side out. Make a note of which pocket is farther away from the center seam.

Turn the jeans inside-out again.

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  8. Go in the direction of the pocket that's farther away from the center. Pin it in place, if necessary. Iron the seam in this direction. Remove the pin s. Add a second line of stitching. Turn the newly seamed area right-side out again. Feel the inside for the new seam. Place the edge of the seam under the needle of the sewing machine. This should be about 0. Start at the area just below the still separated waistband. Move toward the crotch.

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    Pin and finish the waistband. Twist each side of the waistband so that the right sides are facing each other.

    How to Wear Really Low Baggy Pants Without Losing Them: 13 Steps

    Pin them on the marks you made to either side of the center. This will be where your new stitch will be. Place the waistband beneath the needle of the sewing machine. Start at the bottom of the waistband. Continue to the top. Remove the pins as you sew. Make sure the pinned area lines up with the center seam.

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    If it doesn't, readjust your pins. If it does, pin the bottom of the waistband to the yoke. Reattach the belt loop. Line up the top seam on the belt loop with the top seam of the waistband. Pin them together.