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Who am I without processed food? Am I even working class any more? I certainly still have to work. But I have spent years in the north railing against my family for adding Anchor squirty cream to already creamy items, for loving a Toby carvery. I have stood at Christmas gatherings reminding people that the only way not to gain weight in December is to eat no Quality Street or mint Matchmakers at all. I suppose I was trying to be helpful. Or trying to communicate my newer, fresher religious awakening.

Sugar is the false god. The real saviour — gather round, people — is a Fitbit and fresh air. To this day, my mother sees my slightly protruding collarbone as an act of open hostility. Lord God, those things never stop being delicious. My heart feels giddy merely thinking about that fragrant box of pink, yellow and chocolate mass-produced squares.

Three Days Grace - Nothing's Fair in Love and War (Lyrics)

I must walk miles every day. I do squats. I drink three litres of water. The thing that well-to-do food experts will never truly get is that, for millions of people, life is very hard and, via a million tiny ingrained cerebral signifiers, processed food is very cheering. You know these brands and they know you.

They are our friends, even if they may be trying to kill us. I am from a land of garlic bread and circuses. No, they are not a superfood. But I ate a plate of these at 7am with a very bad red-wine hangover and I was restored. Reheated frozen potato can be dry and textureless, but this is moist, crunchy and quite delicious. Pairs well with a big scoosh of Blue Dragon sweet chilli dipping sauce, a pint of Gold Blend, g of ibuprofen and a long stare out the window.

Chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle Pot Noodles taste much less synthetic and gnarly these days. There was a definite aftertaste and a smattering of dehydrated veg that would weld to the teeth. I think both of us have changed. Cup noodles no longer feel as exciting as space food and Pot Noodle has taken out all the additives that gave you a raging thirst and a momentary belief you could stage a coup and take down Thatcher, before leaving you needing a nap. I feel they are the poorer for this. Findus crispy pancakes I had not eaten these breadcrumbed pockets of goo for at least 30 years.

It felt like going back to my old school and finding everything is tiny and smells a bit of vomit. These pancakes — note: they are not remotely pancakes — probably tasted better in the 80s when we chucked them in the deep-fat fryer. The result is dry with a stingy cheese-flavoured filling. Mint Viennetta The old Viennetta was crisp and delicate, a glamorous multi-layered feat of Italian ice-cream architecture. You needed a big knife to cut through it.

Peter Grace

If you had one of these for afters on a Sunday lunchtime, rather than tinned fruit cocktail and evaporated milk, your family was winning. It is a slab of mint ice-cream with a few soft, perilously thin layers of chocolate. This is Brexit Viennetta: no more Napoli, more a holiday in Nuneaton. Penguin biscuits Magical, ever-dependable slices of sort-of-chocolatey happiness. The actual taste of unloading an 80s Friday-night big shop from the car while your mother screams at you not to spoil your tea. On closer scrutiny, I now see that a Penguin is just a large, milkier, slightly posher Bourbon.

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But the bright red wrapper with the unmistakable logo makes it so much more. And it comes with a joke. A: Snowballs. Commenting on this piece? This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase.

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Fast food. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. The Colombian State has never had control over all of its territory. Since independence there have been local armies, guerrillas, bandits, armed peasants and landowners controlling parts of the country.

A glance at the map of Colombia will help to show why. It is a vast and diverse country, sliced by three Andean mountain ranges that historically have been the most populated areas. To the north is the…. It appeared immune to the guerrilla war in the countryside and violence in the cities. When she was sixteen, she and Alberto left their homes in Tolima in central Colombia, in search of land. After working for a few years, they saved enough to buy a small plot, but soon found that the only crop that they could make a living from in this remote, inaccessible region was coca.

Plan Colombia was heralded as the most ambitious campaign against drug trafficking in history. The Plan involves six years of heavily militarised aerial fumigation of illegal crops. The level of military aid raised suspicions that Plan Colombia was a thinly disguised counterinsurgency offensive and led to fears that US could become embroiled in an intractable civil war.

The war on drugs has been spectacularly unsuccessful.

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It has failed to reduce the production or consumption of drugs. It has caused misery, illness and environmental destruction. So why does the US continue to pursue this strategy and pour military aid into Colombia? To evaluate US motives, we must take into account its history of almost two centuries of intervention in Latin America.

The past record shows the US will intervene in any country in the hemisphere in order to protect its political and economic interests. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Forward by Jenny Pearce 2. Last… 3. Human Rights Colombia beats many international records. Sharpening the focus, it is possible to pick out themes:… 4. History The Colombian State has never had control over all of its territory. To the north is the… 5. Colombia has always been the darling of foreign bankers and financial leaders….