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Theo Yedlin Jason Patric, in his first starring role in a TV series , an accomplished surgeon who First Generation head honcho Jason Tom Stevens, returning in an expanded role brings out of suspended animation. According to Friedman, season 2 will also focus on the development of the Abbies and how they operate.

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If they were human once, what about them might still be human? On a sunny April day in Vancouver, the set has been dressed to look like present-day Boston for a flashback scene between Theo and Rebecca.

Wayward Pines

What if you made a mistake, but had a second chance? Theo is confused. Wait, live in Wayward Pines?! Home Article Wayward Pines cast, bosses talk going off-book in unexpected season 2. Wayward Pines cast, bosses talk going off-book in unexpected season 2. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Each step closer to the truth takes Ethan further from the world he thought he knew, from the man he thought he was, until he must face a horrifying fact--he may never get out of Wayward Pines alive. Series Overall: 3. I found the idea intriguing, but I was very careful not to spoil the story for myself as I continued reading the first book.

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And the first book was fascinating. Then it pulls you in like a fisherman reeling in his catch. As the story progresses, you learn things as the main character learns them, at a pace that begins slow enough to keep the suspense going but fast enough to keep the pace moving.

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  • Wayward Pines cast, bosses talk going off-book in unexpected season 2.

As a secret service agent, he goes straight into detective mode to try to figure things out, not trusting anyone or anything at first. The clues lead in one direction, so you might figure some of it out, but how far down the rabbit hole goes is the real twist here. I am unnaturally good as guessing twists, which is why I really like the ones that can trick me. I knew what was happening, so I thought I had figured out the twist.

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However, once the story moves beyond the twist itself, the plot sort of flatlines. Sure, there are still some moments of high intensity, and some good ones at that, but once the truth is revealed, the full monologue that is given to explain the whole back story left a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. It just gets silly. Unbelievable, if you will.

Not from a fiction standpoint I realize this is a made-up story. From a human behavior standpoint. The characters, both good and bad, become merely caricatures that represent no basis in real human actions. And the ending? Yes, it was made into a multi-season show.

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I have only personally watched season one, which ironically contains what appears to be the whole series. Season two delves into new yet familiar territory and adds in some new elements as far as I know, but season three may or may not come to fruition. Season one follows the whole of the three books, with several changes made along the way.

Some changes were okay, some not so much. It was okay as far as television shows go, considering how much bad t.