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I love her, so I don't mind. But buying new clothes or shoes or really anything for myself is a luxury I can rarely afford. After my daughter was born, I moved to Michigan to live with my mom and go to a new high school my junior year.

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I had to get used to leaving London all day, but I stayed on top of my work and maintained a 3. I was more determined than ever to succeed academically because I knew it was an important step in making a better future—not just for me, but for us both.

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Some people I met thought having a kid was cool, while others were uncomfortable around me. I found it hard to make friends because no one related to what I was going through or understood what it was like to have a kid. The hardest thing I had to adjust to were the looks I got when I was out with London in public. I can still see the judgment on people's faces when they realize she's my daughter and not my little sister.

Thankfully I didn't go through one of those experiences where the father panics and disappears.

An Intimate Look at Life As a Teen Mom

London's dad has been active in her life, even though we haven't been a couple the whole time. When we broke up after she was born, I wanted to completely move on, but you can't when you have a kid in the mix. I had to learn to co-parent. We eventually worked stuff out and got back together. I never gave up hope of attending college—I just had to find a way to do it while raising a toddler.

The summer before my junior year, I applied to eight schools and was accepted to all of them. I'm currently a freshman majoring in public relations and electronic media and film studies at Eastern Michigan University.

14 & PREGNANT?? my story *UPDATED*

I also have a part-time job, and most of my paycheck goes to London's preschool tuition. Being a mom hasn't stopped me from having a real college experience. I'm a student in my school's honors program and a staff writer for the campus paper. I'm also involved with the PR student society, and I volunteer with a kids' pen pal program. And while I'll never get to live in a college dorm, I hope to move into my own place with London and her dad. I think a lot about my future these days. I want a job that will allow me to write for a living, and my ultimate goal is to found an organization that provides financial aid to teen moms pursuing their higher education dreams.

I work hard every day to prevent myself from becoming another statistic—a teen mom who failed because she had a child too young—and I want other girls to know they can too. Keywords life teen mom.

What it’s like to be a Teen Mom

Think raves, crystal meth, diet pills for breakfast and affairs with ahem teachers. Then of course, there's MTV's legacy of "Real World," "Jersey Shore," "Road Rules" and the like, featuring attractive young men and women going to bars, getting drunk, picking up strangers and taking them home for sex -- all without consequences. Where was the episode of "Skins" in which one of the girls has a pregnancy scare or contracts an STD from having unprotected sex?

Where was the episode of "RJ Berger" in which the teenage characters discuss the fact that most sexually active teens wish they had waited?

An Intimate Look at Life As a Teen Mom | Teen Vogue

Are we really to believe MTV has these girls' best interests at heart? Are we to believe that MTV hasn't been fully complicit in promoting these girls as celebrities in their own right, worthy of not just appearing alongside superstar celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt or Taylor Swift on TMZ or inside the pages of supermarket tabloids, but actually capable of displacing high-wattage celebrities for the cover?

A recent survey of schoolchildren found that many teens today would rather be famous than smart; they'd rather be a celebrity assistant than the president of Harvard.

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Would it really have been so difficult for MTV to anticipate the possibility -- if not the probability -- that some starstruck teenager might see those magazine covers and perceive getting pregnant and earning a spot on the show as her ticket to fame and fortune? At the end of the day, good intentions don't always yield good results.

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  5. MTV still has zero credibility as an advocate for teen sexual health. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Melissa Henson. Share this on:. MTV chooses to focus on the girls' volatile relationships with the babies' fathers or their new body piercings and tattoos.

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